At BackInStock, our mission is simple: help Shopify store owners capture lost sales when their products are out of stock. Gone are the days of hiding out of stock products on Shopify. So, we wanted to give shops a way to ping their customers faster, more directly, straight to their pocket.

Today We Announce Shopify Back in Stock SMS Notifications

Now, if one of your customers wants to know when your product is back in stock, they can choose to be notified via email or by SMS.

If you’re anything like us, you might routinely miss an email, but a text message is almost impossible to ignore. So, SMS notifications will allow you to notify your customer in a more direct way.

Any questions? Read the following FAQ. Any more questions? Please reach out to our support team, and we’ll be happy to help.

FAQ About Shopify Back in Stock SMS Notifications

How do I enable SMS notifications for my customers?

Easy! Log into your SMS Notifications page (Account > SMS Notifications) and follow the instructions to enable the feature.

How much does it cost?

SMS notifications will cost $0.015 per message in addition to your monthly plan and count toward your allotted monthly notification limit. Usage charges will appear on the same Shopify invoice as your monthly payment.

Can I send Shopify Back in Stock SMS notifications to customers in any country?

Yes, absolutely!

Can I test out Shopify Back in Stock SMS notifications and then turn it off if I want to?

Sure, try it out and see how it goes! You can always turn it off if it’s not working for you. If the SMS feature is enabled and then disabled, however, any pending notifications that haven’t yet been sent will not send when your product is back in stock.

How do I see how many SMS notifications I’ve sent (to gauge popularity or cost)?

Your account’s Notification Report will show all notifications created with a phone number and exactly when they were sent.

Can I turn SMS notifications on for existing notifications?

No. Existing notifications were created with the customer’s email address and a phone number is required to send it by SMS.

Send customers back in stock notifications!

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