Back in Stock SMS Notifications

Boost your sales with on-demand SMS Notifications

Once enabled, the popup form will include a phone number option to opt-in for back in stock notifications via SMS. When the product is restocked, the customer will automatically receive a text message alerting them of the restocked item.

Back in Stock SMS settings

Enable SMS Notifications

In your Back in Stock dashboard, head to Account > SMS notifications. Enable ‘Show phone number field in popup form’ and ‘Deliver SMS notifications’. Don’t forget to click ‘Save settings’. 

Back in Stock - SMS notifications for Shopify

SMS Popup Form

Once you have enabled SMS, the popup form displayed on your product pages will begin to collect phone numbers from customers who opt-in and send SMS messages to them automatically once the item is back in stock.

Back in Stock SMS Reports

SMS Reports

View your sent SMS Notification amount from the ‘Notification Report’ in the dashboard. This report displays all notifications created with a phone number as well as when the SMS message was sent.

Back in Stock SMS Text Message

SMS Pricing

SMS notifications cost $0.015 per message.

No need to sign up with a third-party SMS service, Back in Stock takes care of delivery for you. For more information on SMS notifications, please visit our help center.

: SMS is currently not included in any of our monthly plans, so all SMS notifications will be charged in addition to your plan. Usage charges will appear on the same Shopify invoice as your monthly payment.

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