Shopify Theme Integrations

Setting up your Shopify store is as easy as 1. 2. 3.

1. Choose a Theme

1. Choose a Theme

2. Customize

2. Customize

3. Launch

1. Choose a Theme

1. Choose a Theme

2. Customize

3. Launch

Back in Stock is one customization you don’t have to sweat over.

Arguably, customizing can be the most time consuming, exciting, and perhaps scariest step in the process, but it’s easy with Back in Stock. We are fully integrated with lots of the most popular themes, so that all you have to do is enable Back in Stock straight from the theme settings tab. No CSS, no Liquid, no mistakes – and easy upgrades with every new release of your theme.

Back in Stock offers the ultimate convenience for customers interested in getting in stock notifications, without disrupting the flow of the shopping experience in the slightest. We’ve taken special care to work with developers offering popular Shopify themes to ensure that Back in Stock integrates beautifully.

If you use one of the following Shopify theme integrations, you only need to enable Back In Stock in your theme settings. This means that the “email me when available” button will appear within the product page, already in line with all your style choices, as opposed to as a separate pop-up message. Any requests will be routed directly from the product page into your Back In Stock dashboard.

Shopify (Free Themes)

In just over a decade, over 600,000 stores have been built using the Shopify platform. Shopify offers 10 free themes in the theme store, directly providing support and documentation for those themes. Shopify offers distinct themes, with differences in things like navigation, product rows, and the hero image, for stores selling one product (or a few) versus stores selling a large number of products. Shopify also builds themes that are pre-constructed to best serve stores in certain industries, such as furniture or accessories. They even offer a theme built specifically for crowdsourcing. Our Back in Stock notifications are fully integrated with all 10 free Shopify themes.

  • Debut
  • Minimal
  • Brooklyn
  • Supply
  • Venture
  • Boundless
  • Simple
  • Pop
  • Narrative
  • Jumpstart

Clean Themes

Clean Themes is a UK based Shopify Expert that develops responsive Shopify themes with all the capabilities of today’s finest online stores, like full width slideshows and scrolling product rows. A Shopify Expert has a deep understanding of the way Shopify operates and has proven their ability to support merchants using the Shopify platform with their value-added products, services, and expertise. Companies using themes developed by Clean Themes include The Little Adventure Company, Matiere, Comfortable Club, and The Super Cool. Back in Stock offers theme integrations with four themes developed and supported by Clean Themes:

  • Canopy
  • Symmetry
  • Showcase
  • Masonry

Out of the Sandbox

Out of the Sandbox is another Shopify Expert that has been designing popular Shopify themes since 2011, including the first ecommerce theme based on responsive web design in 2012. The themes are popular because they’re stylish and intuitive. The developer is popular because they’re veterans in the space, offering solid support and documentation, and regularly updating and improving themes. Companies using themes by Out of the Sandbox include Whipping Post, Maude, and Brooklyn Designs. Back in Stock offers full integrations with four themes developed and supported by Out of the Sandbox, three of which (Mobilia, Parallax, Retina) are featured in Ecommerce Platforms “30 Best Shopify Themes of 2018.”

  • Retina
  • Parallax
  • Responsive
  • Turbo

Pixel Union

Pixel Union is a full service, strategic ecommerce design firm. They not only develop Shopify and BigCommerce themes, but also make ecommerce apps and provide product strategy and workflow consulting services. One particular app that may interest Back in Stock customers is their Countdown Sales Timer app that places a timer across the top of your page to notify customers when a sale is ending. This is a great tactic for motivating timely purchases. Companies using themes by Pixel Union include Cohen & Sons, Artifact, and Nevermind Cosmetics. The Atlantic Theme is especially popular as it was built specifically to assist in increasing conversions. BiS offers full integration with five themes developed and supported by Pixel Union, one of which (Atlantic) is featured in Ecommerce Platforms “30 Best Shopify Themes of 2018.”

  • Atlantic
  • Pacific
  • Grid
  • Launch
  • Startup

We Are Underground

We Are Underground is a Shopify Expert that has been working with Shopify since the very beginning, currently supporting more than 20,000 online stores. We Are Underground works with some high profile clients like the L.A. Lakers and Katy Perry, but lots of less well known brands like Runway Scout and Mariner Jack use their themes as well. BiS offers full integration with five themes developed and supported by We Are Underground, one is which (Icon) is featured in Ecommerce Platforms “30 Best Shopify Themes of 2018.”

  • Testament
  • Icon
  • Fashionopolism
  • Vantage
  • Mr. Parker

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