AMP Integration

Accelerated Mobile Pages and Back in Stock Notifications

Shopify store owners can now offer both accelerated mobile pages (AMP) and back in stock notifications.

What is AMP?
Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) were developed by Google and are lightning fast mobile first pages designed for speed. 

How does the AMP & Back in Stock integration work?

It’s super easy. Once you’ve installed AMP by Shop Sheriff on your Shopify store, just enable the Back in Stock integration from your theme settings. AMP by Shop Sheriff and Back in Stock will work seamlessly together to provide a delightful shopping experience for your customers. 

AMP by Shop Sheriff is officially recommended by Google for accelerated mobile pages on Shopify. 

Proudly display the desirable lightning bolt beside mobile search results, resulting in stronger organic SEO, nearly instant page-loads, and more revenue for your business with the Back In Stock & AMP by Shop Sheriff Integration. 

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Bring back those lost customers with back-in-stock notifications.
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