Web Push Notifications

Recover lost sales and bring back abandoned customers with Back in Stock’s Web Push Notifications.

Enable Web Push Notifications to opted-in customers directly from the dashboard in a matter of seconds.

Here's how it works.

Let’s say a customer wants to buy a product in your store that is out of stock. Back In Stock will prompt them to elect to receive a notification when that product is available again. It works very simply:

  1. Your customer lands on a sold-out product that they like.
  2. They click Notify me when available.
  3. Then, they select the new Web Push option and click Allow to be notified via push notifications.

This will register your customer for push notifications on that particular product.

Customize Your Notifications

Stay on-brand by editing our push notification templates to match the theme of your store.

web push notifications
back in stock web push notifications

Instantly Communicate

Communicate with your subscribed audiences as soon as you press send. Extend your reach in real-time by letting customers know their item is back in stock. All you need to do is enable the system to send web push notifications to users who opt-in. You can enable and disable these notifications at any time. 

Turn Your Visitors into Customers

Turn a simple visit to your website into a long-lasting customer experience. Allow your customers to signup for both a web push notification and your newsletter. Visitors who opt to receive your notifications will want to learn about future sales, promotions, and future product launches and updates. Visitors that opt-in can also be notified of any product in your store and can be sent to any device whether Android, iOS, mobile, or desktop.

instant web push notifications

Get more bang for your buck with a mailing list prompt.

Now, if your customer chooses to be notified, they’ve demonstrated solid interest in your company, so it’s the perfect time to prompt them to join your mailing list as well. Simply add a mailing list opt-in checkbox to the same message as the back-in-stock notification request. If they choose to join the mailing list, their contact information can be automatically rolled into your preferred email marketing platform. 

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Bring back those lost customers with back-in-stock notifications.
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