Boost Sales With Shopify Multi-Language Communication

Strengthen customer connection and messaging with Shopify multi-language communication.

About the Shopify Multi-Language Communication Feature

Back in Stock offers highly useful Shopify multi-language communication functionality that lets your customers see your store’s products, information and alerts in their preferred language. That means you won’t alienate your multilingual or plurilingual shoppers but will instead keep them just as engaged and interested as your customers who prefer English.

By selecting our new widget and email templates, you can easily translate English to the other languages your shop is set up with. Your English users see content in the English context and users of other languages you’ve set up will see content in the language they’ve selected. For example, if your shop is auto-translated to Arabic, you can translate to Arabic email and SMS notifications and templates, product page buttons and popups.

shopify multi-language communication

Why Offer Multi-Language Communications?

Check out why offering multi-language content in all of your Shopify communications is a sound business move.

    Reach a Bigger Audience and Increase Revenue

    Above all, a multi-language store will help you broaden your reach and connect with a significantly larger audience than you might currently be doing. Translated content in multiple languages opens the door to new buyer pools that were totally unavailable to you before which, in turn, helps raise your revenue and bottom line.

    Nail Your International Search Engine Optimization

    You might be nailing domestic SEO but have you considered how well you’re attracting global shoppers? A key step in standout SEO for international audiences is offering plurilingual, translated content like you can do with Back in Stock, along with utilizing subdomains that are specific to each language you’re using.

    Lower Bounce and Raise Conversion Rates

    You’re likely long overdue to make your store multilingual (only about one-quarter of internet users are using English). When you open it up to multiple languages, consumers feel more comfortable and confident in making purchase decisons, which leads to a lower bounce rate and improved sales conversions.

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