Back in Stock Marketing Campaigns


Set up a Back in Stock marketing campaign for in stock items, preorders, flash sales, and more. 

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Here's how it works

When you set up a Campaign with Back in Stock, you can set up a series of texts or emails to go out to your customers. This is great for keeping customers engaged over time, rather than sending them a one-and-done notification. 

Customize your Campaign

After the first notification, you can enable/disable others (based on a customer opening email #1), add automatic discount codes, set delays between subsequent notifications, and see analytics to understand a campaign’s value over time.

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Tips for your Shopify marketing campaigns

Customer notifications by product variant are automatically sent once inventory is set to 1+ units, but it’s easy to customize this – just edit the product in your store admin. And, you can control the number of emails sent or temporarily disable emails in your account delivery policy

Integrations & templates help you connect with warm leads

Integrate with your favorite email marketing tool, like MailChimp or CampaignMonitor. You’ll also get access to our email templates to make quick updates to your email design and copy, or customize your emails with your own HTML template.

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Bring back those lost customers with back-in-stock notifications.
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