Email Delivery Settings

Back in Stock has several options to control email delivery. These include settings to:

Restrict the number of customers notified with notification rates.

Send notifications for out of stock products available for preorder.

Require a minimum quantity of inventory before sending notifications.

Temporarily disable all of your store’s email notifications.

Notification Rates – Delivery Policy

It is often wise for store owners to control how many customers are notified at a time once a product is restocked. This is especially true for limited products that have a large number of customers who wish to receive back in stock notifications.

For example, you might have 1,000 customer notifications registered for a Medium Green Jacket. You are only able to source 80 units of this jacket from your supplier. If you notify all 1,000 customers at once, your jacket may quickly sell out. Many customers will miss out on purchasing. Enabling a Delivery Policy restricts the number of customers notified based on the quantity of inventory available.

With the Notification Rate set to 1, the first 80 customers will be notified. If half of these customers purchase the Medium Green Jacket, your store will have 40 units left in stock. If the Delivery Interval is set to 1 hour, then in the following hour another 40 customers will be notified. This will continue until all customers have been notified or until the Medium Green Jacket has been sold out again.

Preorder Product Settings

By default, Back in Stock will recognize your store’s preorder product variants and will not display an ‘Email when available’ button on those specific pages. Furthermore, Back in Stock won’t send customer notifications for a preorder product with zero inventory.
If needed, the settings can be altered to display a Back in Stock button and signup form on pages with products available for preorder. Configure Back in Stock to ignore inventory levels and send notifications when an out of stock product is available for preorder.

Minimum Quantity of Inventory to Send

This setting allows customers to be notified only when there is a minimum quantity of inventory available. For example, a busy store may set a minimum quantity of ten units of inventory for a high demand product before notifications are sent through Back in Stock.

Disable all Notifications

There may be situations where you want to temporarily disable customer notifications. When delivery is once again enabled, Back in Stock will send customer notifications for products that are back in stock at that time.

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