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Romboxt started with a thumbnail sketch: a ballerina with a tissue dress. Then came the Rocket, the Volcano… It has become a fun niche company. If you add artistry to an everyday object you transform it into “decor”. We all need tissue boxes – why not transform them into sculptures?

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How did you get started selling online?

I designed and produced the first run of Romboxt products over two years ago. I set up Shopify and Etsy stores and started marketing online as soon as the products were delivered to my contracted fulfillment warehouse.

How easy was it to launch your store?

I took the time, while my products were being produced, to learn and set up the Shopify and Etsy stores. They were both intuitive user-friendly platforms. I still enjoy learning new formats so it was fun working to set all the info in place and tweak along the way. I’m forever tweaking.

How are you using Back in Stock today?

I might use the list of people who signed up to do a follow-up email promotion. Not sure whether I’ll do it solo or integrate it with my MailChimp account. When I’m ready to produce more rockets, I will set up a Back-in-Stock listing and start promoting when they near availability.

“It was just what I needed to maintain the sales momentum that my product created.”

– Ken Sobel

How did you come up with the idea of Tissue box sculptures? They are very unique, I really like the style.

Thanks for appreciating the style! Three years ago, I saw a tissue box that looked like a small house. It was bird-house-sized with nice window and roof trimmings. The tissue, representing smoke, was coming out of the chimney. It got me to thinking: “what else could the tissue be?” I set up tissue boxes around my house and office and stared at them – a common activity of mine as a product designer for many years. After a few weeks, one of the boxes, in my mind’s eye, rose up, turned upside-down, and I saw that it could be the dress of a ballet dancer; then came the rocket, the volcano, etc.

You’ve been using Back in Stock for over 2 years. What originally drove you to install Back in Stock on your store?

What drove me to Back in Stock was that it was a well-reviewed App with Shopify vendors and it was just what I needed to maintain the sales momentum that my product created. I ran out of the original MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) Ballerinas and wanted to keep the site-landing customers as I transitioned the design to the current, Made in the USA, more durable, plastic and steel wire version. The new version has images on the front and back and, surprisingly to me, a tissue can be pulled from the back – making it much better as a table item.

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