Here we are again with another round of updates to Back in Stock. We’re continuing to make improvements based on feedback and suggestions. I hope there’s something in here that makes your day a just that little bit better.

New integration: Shopify Customers

We’ve had integrations with several popular mailing list providers for a while now. These let your customers opt-in to your mailing list at the same time they create a Back in Stock notification.

Now you can also send them to your Shopify Customers list. This can be a handy way to build your customers list. If you already link this list to another tool, such as Bronto or Zapier, this integration can act as a bridge to other tools (think: customer is created in Shopify, then Shopify pushes that customer record to your external tool).

You can enable this integration from Customize in your Back in Stock dashboard.

New feature: Webhooks

This is a powerful feature and something developers might be quite excited about: webhooks provide a push notification to a web server when a customer notification is delivered. This opens up opportunities to build things such as mobile app push notifications triggered by Back in Stock. A subscription to the Medium store plan or higher is required for this feature.

You can read more about webhooks in your Developer’s Guide at

New feature: Archive customer notifications

You can now mark a customer notification as ‘Archived’. Archived notifications won’t be sent but stay in the system so you’ve still got access to the data. Handy if a customer notification shouldn’t be sent – for example, you’ve assisted that customer buy an alternate product already.

(If you want the customer notification gone altogether you can still delete it. Simple!)

SmartrMail offer for Back in Stock stores

SmartrMail is an email marketing app designed specifically for ecommerce stores. The twist is that it generates emails to be sent automatically by analyzing customer purchases and behavior. You’ve probably seen big players such as Amazon use similar techniques. I met the team from SmartrMail at a recent Shopify partners conference and was excited to hear they shared the same view on automating email marketing that Back in Stock does.

You can try out SmartrMail with a 14 day free trial plus they’ve arranged for a 30% discount for 12 months for Back in Stock customers. Just use the coupon code backinstock from the billing page. You can install from Shopify appstore or find out more at

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