As a Shopify store owner, you’re always looking for new and innovative ways to increase sales and engage with your customers. Well, here’s an idea you may not have thought of before: multi-notification campaigns. With this approach, you can send multiple notifications to your customers over a period of time, each one designed to drive them further down the purchase funnel. Keep reading to learn more about how multi notification campaigns work and some tips for creating your own.


Create Back In Stock Multi-Notification Campaigns

Back In Stock makes it easy to send multi-notification Shopify campaigns. Free 14-day trial

What are Multi-Notification Campaigns?

Multi-notification marketing campaigns are a strategy for your Shopify store that allows you to schedule and customize communication using a specific channel – like email, SMS, or web push notification – in a structured way.

Why are Multi-Notification Marketing Campaigns Great for Your Shopify Store?


multi notification campaign benefits

Here are some of the key benefits you’ll enjoy when you use multi-notification campaigns for your store.

Boost user engagement

The more variety of rich media you use (like videos, GIFs, and emojis) in each notification, the more relatable, eye-catching, fun, and enjoyable they’ll be to your audience, overall. That means you’ll hold their attention longer, to the point they may even expect or look forward to your communications on a regular basis.

Increase conversions

Multi-notification campaigns are a fantastic way to get your customers to open your communications, head over to your shop, and convert more. In fact, campaigns with multiple unique, sequenced messages have a much higher conversion rate than those using a single message or notification. Push notifications have shown to be most successful, but don’t rely on this channel alone. Omnisend found that of over 12 billion marketing emails, 63 million text messages, and 54 million web push notifications:

  • Open rates were nearly 28% (64% for push notifications),
  • Click-through rates about 0.5% (2.25% for push notifications), and
  • Conversion rates around 0.2% (1.35% for push notifications).

So, when you create multiple unique but sequenced messages in different channels as part of a holistic marketing campaign, it makes sense that your conversion rate goes up.

Keep customers coming back

The vast majority of businesses find that it’s much easier to retain existing customers than it is to get new ones. Rather than picking up the phone or sending tailored emails one at a time to help achieve this, you’ll save tons of time with automated multi-notification campaigns.

Target qualified shoppers for your store

With Shopify’s multi-notification marketing campaigns, your best bet is to segment your shoppers as soon as they sign up or opt-in for your store’s notifications. A tool like Back In Stock automates the whole process while giving you the chance to easily personalize your campaigns and set them up for maximum success.

Create Back In Stock Multi-Notification Campaigns

Back In Stock makes it easy to send automated multi-notification Shopify campaigns. Free 14-day trial

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Track metrics that mean something

You can review metrics and track the success of your multi-notification campaigns, something super important too, so you know what’s working and what isn’t and can make tweaks as you go. When you understand how well your marketing campaigns are working, you’ll see specific, actionable ways to improve results, including through A/B testing. Take a look at:

  • View rate: the number of shoppers who saw the web push notifications divided by the number of notifications sent.
  • Click-through (CTR) or open rate: the number of shoppers who clicked on your notifications divided by the number of shoppers who viewed them.
  • Time spent on page: how long a shopper spent on your page after clicking on the notification.
  • Conversion rate (or goal count): the number of shoppers who performed a particular action – like making a purchase – after viewing the notification.
  • Revenue: if you set a goal to earn a certain amount or range of revenue (which is always a great idea), how close you got to achieving that goal.
  • Opt-in rate: the percentage of shoppers who opt into your Shopify store’s notifications.
  • Opt-out rate: the percentage of shoppers who opt out of your store’s notifications.
  • Re-engagement rate: the percentage of shoppers that were re-engaged because of your marketing campaign. For example, sending a push notification to shoppers who pre-ordered a certain t-shirt.

Utilize an additional, built-in way to improve customer service


offering great customer service

Since nearly 95% of customers will likely buy again from companies providing stellar customer service, you’ll want to do all you can to maximize your piece of that pie. But, you might see effective customer service management as a lot of work, an uphill battle, or something you’re simply underresourced to do well. The good news? With multi-notification campaigns, it doesn’t have to be this way! Yes, you can use automated emails, SMS texts, and push notifications for many service-related purposes, like:

  • Sharing valuable product information,
  • Offering discount or coupon codes based on where someone’s at in their customer journey, or
  • Requesting and compiling feedback and reviews.

Elevate your brand’s consistency

When shoppers get a seamless experience across all platforms, channels, mediums, people, and other touchpoints of your business, whether they’re aware of it or not, they’ll get a sense of cohesion, consistency, professionalism, and that intangible vibe that you simply “get it”. That means to stand out from your competition, all marketing campaigns across any channel plus store and social media content, ads, and any other content you send out should have the same tone and vibe, look and feel, and detail level. And with the automation that comes with Shopify multi-notification campaigns, it’s incredibly easy to achieve this.

Setting Up Multi-Notification Campaigns for Shopify

With the right tool, it’s so fast and easy to use multi-notification campaigns for your Shopify store by customizing and scheduling them to suit your brand, strategy, and specific goals. You just need a quality, user-friendly app like Back In Stock and Shopify’s Basic plan. Back In Stock’s multi-notification campaigns give you the control to make notifications work in the best way possible for your business and marketing strategy. Once your customers sign up for Back In Stock notifications, you can notify them in a sequence from the same channel, exactly when they need to hear from you on a particular event. These events can be things like certain products going out of stock or just being received back in stock, preorders that came in, a sale too good to pass up, or information about increasing prices or shipping rates.

How campaign setup works with Back In Stock:

1.  Create an advance sequence of up to 4 notifications from the same communication channel (email, SMS, or web push) and schedule them to send whenever works best. This is helpful since it optimizes your time.

2.  When a certain product variant’s inventory is set to at least 1 unit, customers who signed up for notifications around that product automatically get them.

3.  If you need to adjust this inventory level, it’s easy – just edit the product in your store admin settings. (Hidden or unpublished products won’t trigger customer notifications to send).

4.  As your marketing notifications advance through the campaign’s sequence, customers can hear from you up to 4 times with 24-hour-gaps between communication, but this is customizable to whatever works best for your business.


back in stock campaign sequence

After that first notification, you can:

  • Enable or disable further notifications (e.g. based on a customer viewing the first one) or control the number of notifications you send in your account delivery policy.
  • Edit templates by notification – it’s easy to customize the reminders, notifications, and any of the email, SMS, or web push templates you’re using for a particular campaign.
  • Add automatic discount codes.
  • Set delays between notifications, so your customers hear from you when and how often they’d like.
  • Track analytics & purchase origin to understand a campaign’s longer-term value.

marketing campaigns email templates


Check out this video to learn more:


Well, there you have it. Now that you’re aware of what multi-notification marketing campaigns are and just how great they can be for your Shopify store, you can take that inspiration and get set up with automated Back In Stock campaigns right away.

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