Today I’m happy to announce a major update to the product page widget. This little bit of JavaScript is the interface that sites on your store product page, ready for customers who want to request a Back in Stock notification. Today’s updates improve this experience for your customers. Making it easier to create a Back in Stock request means more engagement from your customers, leading to a better shopping experience and increased revenue.

This update has been a long time coming, and includes a slew of feature and improvements that have been requested by stores. The wait should be worth it! Here’s a rundown of the updates.

The new button editor

The default button provided by Back in Stock appears pinned to the edge of the page for sold out products. While you can already replace this with a custom image the new update makes customization a lot easier.

The new button editor

  • You can now set a custom label and background color without the need to go away and create your own image.
  • If you do want to create your own image you can upload it directly from the Back in Stock button editor – no need to upload it to your theme first!
  • There are two new positions available for the button. You can now pin the button to the bottom-left or bottom-right of the page.

(If you’re using a theme integration, where the button appears in the product page itself, these improvements won’t affect you.)

And the new popup form editor

The Back in Stock popup form has received a whole new design. It’s now built to perform better when viewed on small displays, such as smartphones and tablets, and includes an overlay mask to dim the rest of the page when displayed.

The new popup form

The new popup form editor lets you customize the colors used in the form, so it’s super simple to have it match the rest of your store theme.

Additional improvements

A few other improvements are also worth mentioning:

  • When the form is shown you can now simply click outside the popup form to dismiss it.
  • Both the button and popup form editors include live previews to display your color and text customizations before your save them. This makes easier and faster to try out new customization ideas.
  • Adding your own custom button to the store Collection page is now supported (as well as still being able to add one to the product page). See the developer reference on How to add a collection page button for more information.

Updating your account

This update is being rolled out to stores starting today. To update visit

If you don’t seen update button yet and are eager to take advantage of the new widget just hit us up at [email protected].

— Matt

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