A couple of recent updates have included some exciting new features. The first is widget content customisation, which has been the number one requested feature. Shop owners can now choose custom text for all of the areas of the widget, including footer, button labels and error messages. This has been particularly important to shops serving customers in languages other than english.

The second, smaller, update is two new fields for the email template: Subject and Reply-To. Subject line allows you to customise the text appearing when a customer is sent a notification email. You can include things like product title or your shop name using the Liquid templating language, just like the with the email body template:

 is now available to order from 

The Reply-To field is a small but important addition. Some customers, upon receiving a stock notification email, hit ‘reply’ and write a message to the shop owner. By setting the Reply-To field you can control which address this is sent to. By default it is set to the email address for your Shopify account.

Enjoy the new features, and please tell me what you would like to see added or improved next!

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