For some time now we have included UTM parameters in the default Back in Stock email template. This allows tools such as Google Analytics to identify orders your customers have placed after clicking through from a Back in Stock notification (haven’t seen this report? I’ve included more info below).

But a lot of the time store owners just wanted a simple, top-level report right in their Back in Stock dashboard. They simply want to know how many sales they’ve generated from Back in Stock.

Today we’re rolling out built-in conversion tracking for all Shopify stores using Back in Stock.

To enable this new feature, we may prompt you to update your installation permissions to allow read access to store orders. This allows the system to read order data and identify the value of the attributed orders.

The process is a simple two-click setup and only takes a few seconds.

Setup conversion tracking on your account now

Here’s the detail on how it works

How are conversions tracked?

Back in Stock includes a URL parameter in the customer notification template. Customers who click a link to the store from a Back in Stock email will be identified as arriving from a Back in Stock notification. Any order placed in the next 30 days will be recorded as a conversion.

Will past orders be included?

No, we’re only able to identify conversions from orders placed after conversion tracking has been activated.

Are third-party cookies used for conversion tracking?

No, only a first-party cookie is used. When the customer lands on a store page from a Back in Stock email link a first-party cookie is created with an expiry of 30 days. This is used in the checkout process to tag the order.

Do I have to use conversion tracking?

Nope, you can turn it off at any time from your account settings.

Can I still use Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, or another analytics tool?

Absolutely, the URL parameters in the default email template should work with a wide range of analytics tools. Check out our help page on where to find the Google Analytics Conversions report.


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