Delivery Policy is the first new feature launch for 2014, and something a few of the bigger stores are really going to appreciate.

Sometimes you can find yourself with a popular product on your hands. Lots of customers have registered for a back in stock notification. Great!

But what if your supplies are constrained? Your distributor doesn’t have enough units to cover the size of the order you’d like to place. Or it’s been sometime since you last stocked the product – how many of the customers waiting will convert to a purchase?

Setting a delivery policy lets you control how many customers are notified at once.

Normally when a product is restocked all the customers waiting for the item are notified by email by Back In Stock. If you don’t have enough product inventory to cover all the demand you can end up with a customer receiving an email notification for a product only to arrive at your store and find it already sold out again.

With the delivery policy feature you can control how many customers are notified at once.

For example, say your stunning designer wall clock has been featured on @ShopifyPicks and several hundred customers are waiting to buy. You can only reorder 20 this week so you’d only like to notify 20 people at a time.

By enabling the Delivery Policy for your account you can choose to notify only as many customers per hour as you have units to sell. Customers notifications will continue to be sent each hour until all customers have been notified or the inventory sells out again.

If you’d like to read more about setting up a Delivery Policy for your account take a look at the Delivery Policy help page.

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