Mobile Friendly Notifications

Today I’m happy to announce a major update to the product page widget. This little bit of JavaScript is the interface that sites on your store product page, ready for customers who want to request a Back in Stock notification. Today’s updates improve this experience for your customers. Making it easier to create a Back in Stock request means more engagement from your customers, leading to a better shopping experience and increased revenue.


How uses Back in Stock

How uses Back in Stock has been selling fun, colorful onesies online since 2011. I recently spoke to owner Maria to find out how she launched her online store, and how she continues to use Back In Stock to increase store sales.

When we first started the store an issue we had was inventory management – especially when we came to that first Halloween. We were seeing half of our styles be out of stock for a long time and we had to learn how to manage that.

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Back in Stock Alerts on Woodie Theme

Announcing integration with a another beautiful Shopify theme – and this one has the easiest setup process yet!
If you like clean, minimalist themes Woodie could be exactly what you’re looking for. Designed in house by the team at Maestrooo it provides a clean slate that lets gorgeous products take centre stage.