Every month the Shopify Theme Store attracts thousands of merchants, all searching for the perfect look for their online shop. Choosing the best Shopify theme is important. Not only does it enhance the look of your store, but it also impacts your store’s functionality, brand identity, user-friendliness, store performance and yes, ultimately your conversions.

Research shows that 38% of consumers will stop engaging and move onto the next site if your website layout is unattractive. Choosing the best Shopify theme for your online store can increase your conversions and help take your eCommerce business to the next level.

The Shopify app store also provides tons of inventory management apps which help further boost sales. One such app is our Back In Stock: Customer Alerts. We have native integrations for tons of the top Shopify themes.

In this post, we will provide you with tips on choosing the best Shopify themes for your online shop and will present you with 10 of our top selections.

Let’s jump right in:

Choosing the best Shopify theme for your business

Before you select head over to the Shopify Theme Store there are a few things you should consider.

  • Get familiar with Shopify. If you are new to the Shopify, take some time to get familiar with the platform. Shopify offers free ready- loaded themes by default. Getting acquainted with these themes would give you a clearer picture of the functions and styling options you could implement on your site. We list a few Free Shopify Themes in our top ten list below.
  • Brand Image. Your brand is important. You should have a clear idea of how you would like your brand to be portrayed. Choose a color scheme, font size and style, and design that best fits your brand. Be sure that your logo is visible throughout the site. Proper branding along with a great design helps build credibility, which is crucial in eCommerce.
  • Choosing a credible source. A quick search will reveal tons of place where you can purchase Shopify themes. We recommend that you only purchase from reputable theme companies such as ThemeForest, Out of the Sand Box or Shopify’s official Theme Store, where every theme is vetted by Shopify. There are also plenty of talented designers you can hire to create a custom Shopify theme off the premium and free Shopify themes we suggest below.

Making The Final Choice

When selecting the right Shopify theme for your business, there are 4 factors you should consider:

  1. Pricing
  2. Functionality
  3. Design
  4. Reputation


Top Shopify themes range from free to $350. As shared earlier, choosing the right theme with a great design and functionality can help boost your conversions, thus we recommend you invest in a custom Shopify theme. However, if you are on a limited budget there are some free Shopify themes we share in our top 10 themes below.


Choose a theme with the right set of features for your business. Premium or custom Shopify themes typically have additional features that free themes doesn’t offer. However, there are some functions that are standard with all Shopify themes such as Search Engine Optimization, Mobile-friendly design, and Shopify Responsive Checkout. Apps such as Back in Stock: Consumer Alerts can extend the functionality of your themes.


When choosing a theme aesthetics plays a key role. Be sure to pick a theme that is easy to navigate that fits your brand image. Remember that an unattractive, poorly navigating site can negatively impact your site’s conversion.


As with all online purchases, reviews matters. Be sure to read the reviews of the Shopify theme you plan to select. You should also check out their documentation and support provided. If you are purchasing your theme from a third party, you would want to ensure that support is provided when needed. Support is a big deal, and a big part of why you should move forward or cull out a theme when you are considering 2 or 3 options.

Top 10 best Shopify themes

Here is a list of popular themes that we recommend based on current customer use and based on support related tickets (or lack of), we see on these Shopify themes.

Turbo Theme
Price: $350
Source: Out of The Sand Box
Link: https://outofthesandbox.com/collections/turbo-theme

Price: Free
Source: Shopify Theme Store
Link: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/brooklyn/styles/classic

Price: Free
Source: Shopify Theme Store
Link: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/debut/styles/default

Price: $180
Source: Shopify Theme Store
Link: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/prestige/styles/couture

Price: $160
Source: Shopify Theme Store
Link: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/district/styles/district

Price: Free
Source: Shopify Theme Store
Link: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/venture/styles/outdoors

Price: $180
Source: Shopify Theme Store
Link: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/parallax/styles/aspen

Price: $140
Source: Shopify Theme Store
Link: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/pipeline/styles/bright

Price: $180
Source: Shopify Theme Store
Link: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/responsive/styles/new-york

Price: $140
Source: Shopify Theme Store
Link: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/icon/styles/dolce

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