Back in Stock is more than just a Shopify app.

We take pride in helping Shopify stores of all sizes maximize their store sales through our simple-to-use app.

We’re on a mission to help you maximize sales.

Launched in 2011, Back in Stock all began when our founder, Matt Stubbs, realized that Shopify store owners lose a huge number of probable sales whenever a product goes out of stock. To solve this problem, he created Back in Stock to provide an easy-to-setup solution for stores to provide back in stock notifications to customers. Since then, as the app has continually been perfected with the addition of well thought-out features, Back in Stock has remained the top-rated Shopify app in its category.

A simple solution for all Shopify stores.

Back in Stock takes pride in being a solution for all Shopify stores. Store owners do not have to be tech-savvy to use our app. With our vast library of theme integrations, setup is as easy as a few clicks. For those who have questions or need help optimizing Back in Stock, we have always made customer support a priority. Today, our customer happiness team is headed by Niko Vergis with James Hazell-Mooney and Henrique Gregianin Testa providing technical support. These are just a few of our team members that support our quest to be the top back in stock notification app.

Back in Stock is always improving.

The app is a complete solution for stores of all types and easy to use. We are always focused on adding features that provide better value to Shopify store owners. With the addition of features like comprehensive email delivery policies and the Shoelace retargeting integration, we are constantly searching for new ways to help store owners increase conversions. Of course, if you have a suggestion of how we can improve, we’d love to hear it. You can contact us here.

We’ve sent millions of in stock notifications for thousands of Shopify stores, resulting in millions of dollars of saved revenue. This app will pay for itself over and over.


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