About Our Company

Take a moment to meet our team of people.

Mack McConnell

Product Manager
Mack focuses on what we build next here at Back in Stock. He loves The Beatles and ping pong.

Ricardo Amorim

Lead Developer
Ricardo has 15 years of experience with Ruby and Rails. In his free time, you’ll find him trying out a new restaurant in town.

James Hazell-Mooney

Customer Happiness Lead
Hailing from Cornwall, James has 8 years of experience in customer happiness. After work, you’ll find him walking his dog, Bramble.

Henrique Gregianin Testa

Henrique has been passionate about web programming since the ’90s. He also enjoys playing piano jazz.

Dilip Chouhan

Over the last 7 years, Dilip has worked with teams ranging from small to large as a Full Stack Developer.

Cody Meinking

Customer Happiness Specialist
Cody has over 10 years of experience with computer and software support, and is always happy to assist.

Jim Bartek

With over 15 years of experience, Jim oversees all technology and architecting solutions at Back in Stock.

Marvin Russell

Head of Growth
Marvin focuses on building brand awareness and growth at Back in Stock, doing so from different coffee shops throughout Chicago. 

Niko Vergis

Customer Happiness
Niko loves problem-solving and creating simple solutions to support customers. In his free time, he likes to travel and scuba dive. 

Rachel Schoen

Lead UX/UI Designer
For more than 15 years, Rachel has been creating seamless user experiences utilizing design best practices and user psychology.

Russ Schneider

Starting with his band’s website in 1995, Russ has been developing and supporting hundreds of web application projects.

History of the Company

Launched in 2011, Back in Stock all began when founder, Matt Stubbs, realized that Shopify store owners lose a huge number of probable sales whenever a product goes out of stock. To solve this problem, he created Back in Stock to provide an easy-to-setup solution for stores to provide back in stock notifications to customers. Since then, as the app has continually been perfected with the addition of well-thought-out features, Back in Stock has remained the top-rated Shopify app in its category.

We take pride in helping Shopify stores of all sizes maximize their store sales through our simple-to-use app. In March 2018, Back in Stock was purchased by SureSwift Capital.

SureSwift Capital
5201 Eden Avenue Suite 300
Edina, MN 55436

Founder: Matt Stubbs